What a Revelation!

6th Apr 2017

In a conversation at a family reunion years ago, my cousin (and then top executive at a major cable network) gave me a piece of advice concerning my business. You see, I was whining to her about … read more
Refreshing Rosemary Footbath

Refreshing Rosemary Footbath

24th Sep 2016

If you're like most people, you spend an enormous amount of time on your feet.  Whether working, shopping or just pacing trying to put the baby to sleep, our little tootsies do a lot of work.I st … read more

She Vibrates on a Higher Level

16th Aug 2016

Some people are just amazing.For no reason that you can come up with, or explanation you can give, some people are just genetically engineered to vibrate on a higher level. That has always been the ca … read more